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eSports, according to Lawyer Sbordoni their regulation is increasingly urgent

The speech of Atty. Stefano Sbordoni at the conference on eSports held for the first time in the Italian Parliament on 8 and 9 May.

On 8 and 9 May last, the conference organized by the Italian Observatory for eSports (O.I.E.S.) was held in Rome for the first time at the Italian Parliament on the topic "Challenges and opportunities of eSports in Italy", at which lawyer Stefano Sbordoni was invited as an expert in the sector and a legal partner of O.I.E.S. The second day of work, dedicated to the "Economic and social aspects of gaming in Italy: making the growth of the phenomenon sustainable and inclusive", Lawyer Sbordoni spoke on the topic "the relationship between eSports and games". In his opinion, as he underlined in his speech, "there is a very strong link between sport and eSport, but they are not the same thing and there is no commonality between eSport and public gaming, but it is only an attempt to bring new reality as a movement of export to what already exists on the part of the legislator". Furthermore, the well-known lawyer continued, "we take refuge in a superficial way in what we already know in order to regulate new realities and this also happens because there are no rules for this industry, which allows for such hoax to occur". Attorney Sbordoni also had to remark that "prize events, to which eSports could be associated, are regulated by a law (Presidential Decree no. 430/2001) which is dated and has little relevance to this world because everything is included, from collect points for contests you see on TV". "It is true", he concluded, "that Parliament, especially in the last year, has paid attention to the sector with some bills that present interesting cues, but it has also shown a rigidity that we do not want and which runs the risk of not grasping the potential and the ever-increasing diffusion of eSports in Italy as well".