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Enada, Sbordoni (Utis): "In our sector the dignity of the law was removed"

"Utis is an association of exhibitors and managers that has existed since the days when the pools were one of the few legitimate games. These people have evolved hand in hand with the regulations."

This was stated by Stefano Sbordoni, expert gaming lawyer and president of the association, during the conference "Betting, municipal prohibitionism, advertising ban: in which direction is the Italian gaming market", organized by Agimeg, which is is taking place at the Enada fair in Rimini. "Today these people are treated as an outcast category. Regulations are being developed that punish merchants who work every morning too much. This law now hides a legal void. The true effects of distance meter and hourly limits are not taken into account. We are not talking about law but of propaganda principles. I also saw the right to be put into the background by the State Council. The dignity of the law was taken away from our sector ".

Enada, Sbordoni (Utis): "Eliminating the game damages all of Italy"

"One thing must be clear. Eliminating the game is damaging the whole of Italy. If you decide for health reasons that an activity is no longer lawful, you do enormous damage," said Stefano Sbordoni, president of UTIS , during the conference - organized by Agimeg - "Race bets, municipal" prohibitionism, ban on advertising: in which direction the Italian gaming market is going "that is taking place at the Enada fair in Rimini.