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Decree on the Public Administrations: amendments to the legislation on slot machines

On 21 June the Law no. 74/2023 of conversion with amendments of the decree-law 22.4.2023 no. 44, containing "Urgent provisions for the strengthening of the administrative capacity of public administrations" (so-called Decree on Public Administrations), was published in the Official Gazette. The text contains, among other things, in article 20, some provisions on gaming, namely: an amendment to the 2020 budget law providing, in particular, that the regulation of the use and analysis of data recorded and transmitted by the devices from entertainment is defined by decree of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance without fixed deadlines; a replacement of competence in the issuing of some provisions concerning games, in particular the decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance is replaced by a general managerial provision of the Customs and Monopolies Agency with regard to the maintenance of the Single Register of operators of the public gaming to the management of the telematic network concerning the monitoring and combating of gambling, to the process of technological evolution of gaming machines and to the issuing of authorization for the use and technical production rules of the aforementioned machines also for the purpose of storage and transmission of data.