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Budget Law, for the Court of Auditors the receipt lottery limited to electronic transactions risks reducing incentive effects

This is what we can read in the Memorandum on the State budget for the financial year 2021 and the multi-year budget for the three-year period 2021-2023 (AC 2790) presented by the Sections meeting in the audit of the Court of Auditors to the Joint Budget Committees of the deputies and the Senate of the Republic.
The Court of Auditors criticizes the provision contained in article 194 of the Budget Law, on the basis of which the provisions on the lottery of the consideration and cashback are modified, limiting, in particular, the scope of the lottery of the consideration only to transactions paid in electronic form. For the accounting judges, this change, although aimed at encouraging the use of "tracked" payment methods, does not seem free from drawbacks, considering the now imminent entry into force of the obligation to store and electronically transmit the fees (1 January 2021) and the original purposes of the lottery, aimed at stimulating the request for tax certification by the final consumer, similarly to what has happened with positive results in other countries. For the Court of Auditors, "limiting the lottery to electronic transactions only, albeit with the intention of increasing the traceability of payments and prompting the operator to declare their fees, could be premature close to the start-up phase and would risk reducing the possible incentive effects especially on transactions of a lower amount ". Moreover, the Court continues, "given the current limited integration of the telematic recorders with the POS provided to the operators, it is probable that the data flow that will feed the lottery database for the draws will come only from the telematic recorders (and from the web procedure activated for the benefit of those who do not need an electronic recorder) resulting in frequent misalignment of data and loss of benefit for the consumer". Further, always about the games, the Court underlines that the provision of article 205 of a further 24-month deferral of the term within which it is necessary to proceed with the tender for the award of new Bingo concessions, already deferred to March 31 2021 by art. 69 paragraph 3 d.l. n. 18 of 2020, is aimed at "allowing current concessionaires to recover the economic-financial levels prior to the pandemic and, therefore, to be able to support the commitments required by participating in the new tender". In this way, "the current concessionaires who have not paid the monthly fees due for 2020, can do so by paying in 18 monthly installments starting from July 2021" and the same "can pay the fees due for the first six months of 2020 through monthly payments of no less than 2,800; the difference is made in installments with 10 monthly payments starting from July 2021 ".