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Extension to 10 December for the payment of 0.5% of the bets collected

The deadline for the payment of the tax of 0.5% of the collection on bets for the period 20 May-31 August 2020 has been postponed to 10 December 2020
The Customs and Monopolies Agency, with determines prot. n. 427456 issued on 24 November last, established that the deadline for the payment of 0.5% of the amount due by the concessionaires on the collection of bets for sporting events of all kinds relating to the period 20 May - 31 August 2020, initially scheduled for 30 November 2020 pursuant to Article 4 of the RU managerial determination n.307276 of 8.9.2020, is extended to 10 December 2020. This decision, explains the director of the Agency Marcello Minenna, who signed the decision, was taken because "the suspension of the activity of amusement arcades, betting houses, bingo halls and casinos, which were repeated during the year, had an effect on the regular trend of betting collection, causing difficulties for operators in the sector ". Therefore, the determination specifies, "the total suspension of the collection of bets on the physical network makes it appropriate to defer the payment deadline of the first payment of the amount due by way of 0.5 per cent of the total collection from bets relating to sporting events of each gender".