Stefano Sbordoni


Stefano Sbordoni

Leader in the field Gambling and Betting

Both in Italy and abroad, the lawyer Stefano Sbordoni and the Studio Legale Sbordoni are considered among the most reliable and qualified in the gaming and betting sector.

Stefano Sbordoni, Supreme Court atterney-at-law, is a professor of Information Tecnology Law in Political Science Department of The University of Tuscia. He also lectures at the Higher School of Economics and Finance and has taught courses for public broadcasters at the University of Malta.

Mr. Sbordoni advises the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies on administrative law matters pertaining to the field of gaming and betting. He acts as a consultant to the main Italian and foreign gambling operators. During his many years of experience he has dealt with, among other things, the standardization of Bingo, the reorganization through public tendering of the gaming sector, privatization of instant lotteries, and the comercialization of games and lottery in more than forty countries worldwide.
Expert in reinsurance, he was responsible for underwriting of the aeronautic field and of the Treaty and Excess Claims sector of leading international reinsurance companies, as well as Italian portfolio manager, and service contract disputes in Italy and England.
He is a regular speaker in major conferences on gambling and betting in Italy and worldwide, organized by government agencies and the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies.
Mr. Sbordoni is the author of chapters on Italy in the last two editions of the Internet Gambling Report. He has published articles for the Academy of European Law and has edited the materials of the information technology law course at the University of Tuscia on “electronic game“, and numerous handouts for courses in the School of Economics and Finance. He is the author of the monograph Giochi concessi e giochi on line published in March 2010 by the Italian National Printing Istitute.
Mr. Sbordoni is a member of the International Masters of Gaming Law, and is a registered journalists, he cooperates with the major specialist publications in the field of gambling in Italy (TS, Jamma, Agicos). He publishes with Atlante (Economy and Sustainable Development), e con Technet (IT specialist).

Stefano Sbordoni is the author of: "Guida di leggi e regolamenti di giochi e scommesse", "Giochi concessi e giochi on line", "Web, libertà e diritto".

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