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  • It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

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  • The Studio is a leader in the field of the rights on Public Game and Betting.
    It actively collaborates with institutions in the development of legislation on public games

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  • The studio Sbordoni provides expert advice to Italian and foreign customers, with a competence acknowledged at international level

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Latest publications

  • Italian coalition talks cast clouds over gaming sector

    Italy’s hung parliament could spell trouble for the country’s thriving gambling market, as the least likely of all alliances now looks to form a government. The two leading parties from the election held on 4 March – The Five ...
  • Network Ownership – Case C-375/14

    Once again, for the nth time, discussion turns to a judgment due from the European Court of Justice (Case C-375/14), which the Frosinone Court in central Italy addressed on 6 August ...
  • Attorney Sbordoni’s reflections about the current situation and future of the gambling laws in Italy

    The evolution of a body of public rules, that has been and it is, necessary to any ordering on gaming, is a “work in progress”; it is clear that has ...
  • Gaming law in Italy

    In the last few years the gambling industry has developed considerably and despite the world economic crisis it is still growing rapidly in Italy and in other countries as well. ...
  • GBM global business magazine – Studio Sbordoni Italy

    Despite the world economic crisis, the Italian gambling and betting market is constantly growing and has now reached more than €60bn (4% of the GDP). The Italian state has adopted ...
  • The Betfair case

    Art. 23, paragraph 3, of the concession contract related to the license on horse-racing and sports betting under article 38, paragraph 2 of the Law Decree n. 223 of July ...
  • Responsible remote Gambling measures

    The Workshop Agreement “Responsible Remote Gambling Measures” is a set of 134 practical measures aimed at safeguarding a high level of consumer protection and ensuring that remote gambling operators behave ...
  • The growth of VLTs in Italy

    A recent report on the Italian gamingmarket, L’Italia in Gioco from the Italian research institute Eurispes, indicates that there are about 90,000 video lottery terminals (VLTs) presently active in theworld, accounting ...
  • VLTs in Italy

    A recent report from Eurispes (an Italian research insitute) on the Italian gaming market L’Italia in Gioco, has indicated in about 90.000 the Video Lottery Terminals at present active in ...



  • Regioni, Comuni e le competenze sui giochi

    Regioni, Comuni e le competenze sui giochi
  • La disciplina dei giochi in Italia tra Monopolio Pubblico e Mercato

    La disciplina dei giochi in Italia tra Monopolio Pubblico e Mercato
  • Sicon – convegno 19 settembre 2012

    Sicon – convegno 19 settembre 2012
  • Presente e futuro del gioco – Roma, 5 dicembre 2011

    Presente e futuro del gioco
  • Enada Roma 2011 convegno del Bingo

    Convegno sul Bingo
  • Sicon. Le imprese di gioco e la loro evoluzione

    Sicon. Le imprese di gioco e la loro evoluzione
  • Conferenza franco-italiana

    Conferenza franco-italiana
  • L’avvocato Stefano Sbordoni intervistato da Adnkronos

    Ttefano Sbordoni intervistato da Adnkronos
  • L’avvocato Stefano Sbordoni intervistato da Ltm Channel

    L'avvocato Stefano Sbordoni intervistato da Ltm Channel
  • L’avvocato Stefano Sbordoni, esperto di gaming on line

    Stefano Sbordoni, esperto di gaming on line
  • Raffaele Ferrara direttore di AAMS e l’avvocato Stefano Sbordoni

    Raffaele Ferrara direttore di AAMS e l'avvocato Stefano Sbordoni
  • Scossa nei giochi per il terremoto in Abruzzo

    Scossa nei giochi per il terremoto in Abruzzo
  • Struttura normativa dell’esercizio del gioco del bingo

    Struttura normativa dell'esercizio del gioco del bingo
  • Gambling and Betting

    Studio Sbordoni is a leading firm in the field of gambling and betting at domestic and international level. Thanks to its fifteen-year experience, the firm is highly reputed for the quality of its expertise in all facets of gambling laws and regulations. The firm advises both regulatory authorities and private operators in the implementation of new regulations.

  • M&A - Private Equity

    Studio Sbordoni is approved by the leading industry publications as one of the best Italian studies in mergers and acquisitions and private equity deals. Our lawyers have significant experience developed over time in extraordinary management operations, with a unique expertise in the gaming industry.

  • Insurance and Reinsurance Law

    Studio Sbordoni specializes in the field of Reinsurance and Insurance, and acts as an advisor for several Companies, on international litigation, in drafting new contracts, on settlements and arbitrations related to reinsurance agreements and insurance law.

  • Administrative Law

    Studio Sbordoni advises on public procurement and licenses granted by Italy’s governmental agencies, specifically on gambling and betting. The firm represents its clients in court cases, at all levels and before all jurisdictions.

  • Information Technology Law

    Studio Sbordoni has developed the study and the implementation of IT Law, to support and protect companies against the rising risks of operating on the web. With an eye to the gambling and betting sector, the firm deals with the implementation of criminal and administrative IT rulings.

  • Commercial and Corporate Law

    Studio Sbordoni advises its Italian and foreign clients on legal matters concerning entrepreneurial activities, organization of companies, shareholder agreements, company take-over, mergers and split-offs, joint ventures, and all related issues.

  • Disputes Resolution

    Studio Sbordoni strongly supports and assists its clients in the settlement of disputes via alternative methods, such as national and international arbitration, assisted settlement, and amicable resolution.

  • Drafting of National and International Contracts

    Firmly committed to its B2B client base, Studio Sbordoni advises on, and represents its clients in, the review, drafting, and analysis of all kinds of corporate and commercial negotiations, agreements, and contracts.

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Il nuovo bando: buy in, rilancio, o buio?

Parte la gara per 2.000 nuovi punti a terra di scommesse. E’ l’effetto della sentenza della CdG europea che il legislatore ha recepito per dar modo a chi non lo è di regolarizzarsi. Dice così anche la nostra Cassazione. Può essere l’inizio di una nuova era per la rete di raccolta a terra? ...


Web, freedom and rights

Web, libertà e diritto

The book deals with the Internet phenomenon noting that, with the advent of new technologies, has established a sort of “virtual communities”, distinct from “material community”, which often claims the principle of...